Happy Labor Day with Love from Remi


Meet Remington, a German Shepherd whose goal is to transition from becoming an inside dog to an outside dog.  Remi has some anxiety when left alone, but with A+ Dog Training’s A+ Lifetime Membership he’ll learn how to become a brave, independent German Shepherd.  Welcome to our pack family, Remi!

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Loving Lucy


Meet Lucy, a Shih Tzu Mix whose main goals are to not be so aggressive towards other dogs and to not bite the grand-kids.  On A+ Dog Training’s most popular Calm Canine program, we’ll provide Lucy’s owners the tools and techniques to communicate what is unacceptable behavior and what it means to be a well-mannered

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Loving Leo


Meet Leo, a Mini Schnauzer working on potty training, heeling, and other usual dog obedience training.  Leo’s owner found us from Pet Supplies Plus in Turlock, California.  Where did you hear about A+ Dog Training?  Welcome to our pack family, Leo!

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Another Class Completed


August’s Junior High (Intermediate) class finished up tonight at Pet Supplies Plus in Turlock, California.  Congratulations to all of the hardworking students and their owners!  (View more videos and images of Junior High at A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page).

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Rad Roi


Meet Roi, a French Bulldog working on dog obedience training and not responding to other animals while on walks.  Roi’s owner works at Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital so with training and great medical care, Roi will grow to become a very happy and healthy dog.  Welcome to our pack family, Roi!

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Beautiful Brothers


Meet Bingley and Atlas, two Pit Bull Springer Spaniel Mixes both on our Calm Canine program.  The brothers will be working on their socialization skills and dog obedience training.  Welcome to our pack family, Bingley & Atlas!

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Teaching How to Dougie


Meet Dougie, a Sheepadoodle from Denair, California.  One of Dougie’s goals is to be a great companion dog.  With A+ Dog Training’s Calm Canine program, Dougie will strive for that goal and master dog obedience along the way.  Welcome to our pack family, Dougie!

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Dog Walking Service


Has your schedule changed now that the kids are back to school?  If you’re finding less time to take the dog out for a walk, remember that A+ Dog Training also offers a Dog Walking Service.  Call 209-985-7898 for more details.

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Happy Selfie Saturday


Happy Selfie Saturday from Shamrock! If you haven’t been on A+ Dog Training’s Facebook page in a while, we’ve started up an album entitled Follow Shamrock.  The album and videos on our timeline are of Shamrock’s Board & Train kick start to her private training program.  Give her a Like and Share! Please keep in

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Giant Gizmo


Meet Gizmo, a Mini Australian Shepherd training on dog obedience and having less anxiety in the car.  But first things first – we must never feed Gizmo after midnight, no matter how much he begs!  (If you don’t understand why, please watch the Gremlins movie from 1984).  Welcome to our pack family, Gizmo!

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Cooperative Cooper


Meet Cooper, an English Springer Spaniel on A+ Dog Training’s most popular Calm Canine program.  Cooper has four children in the home ages 3, 4, 5, and 6.  It looks like GiGi’s teaching credential is going to come in handy as she trains the kids how to have better command and not get their puppy

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Super Snoopy


Meet Snoopy, a Jack Russel Terrier Mix training on our most popular Calm Canine program with Puppy Exclusive.  With such a great program, Snoopy will be able to work on dog obedience training and eliminate some unwanted behaviors.  You can see Snoopy at our current Elementary class!  Welcome to our pack family, Snoopy!

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