Basic Dog Obedience Classes Get an A+


Congratulations to those that completed our last Elementary Class.  A+ Dog Training’s next basic obedience class (Elementary) will be at Four Seasons Park in Turlock beginning on September 14th at 6:00 p.m.  It will be one hour every Wednesday for five consecutive Wednesdays.  Please call 209.985.7898  to enroll.

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But First…Let Me Take a Selfie


We tried a new route as we walked dogs around CSU, Stanislaus in Turlock last Saturday.  There were great ponds to walk by and lots of garbage cans for potty breaks.  A+ Dog Training hit a record breaking 31 dogs!  Please keep spreading the word that our pack walks are free and fun for all.

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Pack Walk & Puppy Social Tomorrow


Our Elementary and Junior High classes finished up this week but there’s more training to be held in Turlock! Our Free Community Pack Walk is for all tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.  We meet at the corner of Monte Vista & Crowell Road at CSU, Stanislaus.  Please bring a NON-retractable leash and bags for waste. Puppy

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A+ Dog Training Delightful Program


Your dog needs the confidence to be around other people and other dogs.  Learn how to be a responsible pet owner and how to walk your dog without being pulled.  We don’t have to meet at your house to train your dog.  We can meet at various parks in Turlock or Modesto.  Our Delightful private

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Car Show and Dog Training


We always have a great time at the Fallen Heroes Car Show sponsored by the Mid Valley Stangs.  Ammo was shy at the beginning and wanted to stay in his crate, but once he was on his table, the crowd drew in and he did his job.  We spoke with dog owners looking for dog

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Walking Your Dog on a Leash

Loose Leash Walking There are different ways to train your dog to stop pulling while walking on a leash.  A+ Dog Training shows you various solutions and then allows you to try it while Tom observes you in practice.  Click on the title, “Loose Leash Walking” to view a clip of our Elementary class.

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Dog Party Was a Blast!


  Ghost hosted a One Hour Club service in Turlock with A+ Dog Training.  He invited dogs of all ages and sizes for a swim in his pool.  The dogs learned how to get in and out of the pool on their own and the owners enjoyed swimming with their four-legged friend. To see all

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Back To School Changes for Your Pet


With the fall season just around the corner, A+ Dog Training would like to remind our A+ Lifetime Clients to call us for a refresher training.  There are many factors that can cause your dog to stress or have anxiety when we would least expect it. Your dog was used to having the little ones

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Dog Training on Down Stay


  Homework for our Junior High class is to take your dog out somewhere new or somewhere out into town.  Ammo worked on his Down Stay at Patterson’s July pack walk. Other places for homework:  Home Depot, Lowes, OSH, US Postal Center and Wells Fargo in Raley’s Shopping Center, a lot of fast food restaurants’

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Obdedience Classes Held in Turlock Park


The great thing about A+ Dog Training classes are that they are held at a neighborhood park instead of an indoor facility.  We understand that our clients want real-world training.  There are a lot of children playing, people hanging out, squirrels, cats, runners, and even Pokemon trainers at the park while Junior High works on

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Pool Social This Saturday


Why attend the Pool Social this Saturday? Beat the heat with man’s best friend Great exercise for both you and your dog It’s more fun than basic obedience Build trust and bond with your dog Train your dog to be safe around pools Find out if your dog will panic when there’s no ground underneath

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Loose Leash Walking


We wrapped up week two last week in the sweltering heat, but we survived with plenty of shade and water.  This week Elementary will be learning how to walk their dog with a loose leash, so don’t forget to bring some comfortable walking shoes and water!

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Potty on Command


Raising dogs in my early years consisted of memorable walks, cuddling, and potty training.  Yes, I knew that it was important to house train the dogs, or… expect mom to yell.  But it wasn’t until I raised Ammo with Tom that I valued the importance of consistent, proper potty training which led to Potty On

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Dogs Afraid of Going Through Doors

Doors at Home Depot Click on the link above (Doors at Home Depot) to watch Tom build confidence on going through various doors. Our Labrador was once afraid to cross from our bedroom door to the office door.  Now, he can go through all sorts of doors and while walking in a strip mall will

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