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We have been given the gift of communicating with people on how to turn their dog into the healthy, happy, well-balanced dog they once fell in love with.

With experience, a friendly personality, and our calm-confident patience, We can come to a solution for your whole family to bring out the best in your dog.

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Private Training

Be confident and proud to take your dog anywhere.  Impress your family and friends with how well your dog listens. 

Free Community Pack Walk

Come join us for a walk and meet other dogs and dog owners.


I highly recommend A+ Dog Training to everyone!  Our dog Odin is reactive to other dogs and was scared of strangers.  Our biggest concerns was him being reactive, building his confidence, but Tom was very helpful and also assisted with obedience.  He assured us that some days will be worse than others and that slowly but surely Odin would get better and be able to be around other dogs.  I am so grateful for the Community Pack Walks we have every month!!  This has definitely made a difference with Odin's behavior and has gotten him used to seeing other dogs and being around them.  To anyone that is considering dog training I definitely recommend Tom & GiGi they care about what they do and are great at it.

Ashley with Odin

The bottom line on A+ Dog Training: They help keep dogs together with their owners, and out of animal shelters. A+ Dog Training is excellent all around, from their one-on-one training to their group classes to their monthly public pack walks. They provide a huge benefit to our community---to all types of dog owners, their dogs, and to the public, in general (better trained dogs serve everyone). Tom and GiGi of A+ Dog Training are (not surprisingly) great with dogs of any age and temperament, but they are also great with owners any level of experience (and temperament!).

Jonathan with Luna
Lori with Fred & Barney

I highly recommend A+ Dog Training. Every program is specifically tailored to your dog(s) situation. I’ve had dogs my entire life and never needed a trainer -  until I rescued this young bonded pair of brothers. When they started fighting, I wasn’t sure they’d ever be able to be in the same room again. Thanks to Tom, they’re back to being loving brothers- most of the time. And with the lifetime training program, I have peace of mind, that we can deal with any situation that arises in the future.

Lori with Fred & Barney

I also wanted to give you an exciting update about spike. We put him in boarding for a day at Taylor Vet to attend Eduardo's graduation this past Friday and he was able to be muzzle free his whole stay without showing any signs of aggression towards the staff! They said he was very friendly and behaved well. It brought me to tears hearing that news from them, we thank you for all your help in making this progress possible


I just wanted to let you know that I took Redy on his first off-leash, walk in the orchard and along the canal and he was amazing. I used my whistle once to bring him back and then he stayed with me the rest of the time. Again thank you so much.


I just got to Stan State, and she got out and is walking with me all around—1st time since 2022.


Thank you Tom & Gigi for working with us & Jolie.  it's definitely a learning experience and from the get-go (even before we started training with you), you gave us extremely helpful advice.  Consistency is key and with time we all will get there!  Very appreciative of your support, suggestions, & guidance!


Thank you for all the help in training us and Cinder 🙂 it's so fun to have a well behaved dog we can take places and enjoy having around! We are so thankful for A+ Dog Training!


Here's a picture of Miss Kona on her way to A+ Dog Training's FREE July Pack Walk. She loves the monthly walks!

love them too; because they have been a huge help with Kona's doggy social skills.

When we first started going on the pack walks, Kona barked so much that we had to stay at the far end of the pack. Now she's in the middle of the pack or sometimes the front of the pack, not barking just walking calming & confidently with all the other dogs. It's so much fun!

Terry Jones + Kona

Ragnar did absolutely amazing on our trip thanks to  A+ Dog Training! Tom's guidance helped us be great pup parents and helped Ragnar follow our commands while away from home and not in his own element! He also made some new friends along the trip!