The weather is cold, the Christmas rush is over, and some of our private training clients are ready to squeeze in one more session before the New Year. Call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898 to set up a free consultation and see how we can start 2019 off to a great start and possible goals

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Guess How Old Ammo is Today!

Ammo is an English Labrador with a curious personality. Every package delivered must be sniffed out by Ammo. He loves rules – following rules and barking at dogs that aren’t following rules. He loves his morning and night routines, giving his “paw” to Nana, and going for long walks. Oh, and he always prays before

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Five Days Until Christmas


Ammo would like to wish everyone a peaceful 5 Days Until Christmas. Drive safe out there and be patient at the stores. 🙂   Thank you Taylor ER Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Turlock, California, for the wonderful chocolates! GiGi’s almost finished with them already!

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I am Groot!


Meet Groot, a Labrador training on our exclusive A+ Lifetime Program.  Groot is the typical hyper Labrador whose goals are to learn good manners and follow dog obedience commands.  Welcome to our pack family, Groot!

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Precious Pippa


Meet Pippa, an unknown Terrier Mix who kicked off her Calm Canine program with a seven-day board & train.  Pippa is hesitant around men and needs some help responding to basic dog obedience.  With the programs she chose with A+ Dog Training, Pippa will be one of the most responsive and friendly dogs in Gustine! 

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Furbullet Friday

Meet Zelda Furbullet Mitchell, a Belgian Malinois training on boundaries, confidence, and better command with dog obedience training.  With A+ Dog Training’s most popular Calm Canine program, Zelda will be the poster dog for Furbullet Fridays!  Welcome to our pack family, Zelda!

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