Happy First Day of Fall!


It’s the first day of fall and A+ Dog Training would like to remind you that if you want to win all of the dog costume contests this Halloween, you need to get your dog used to their costume NOW.  Call us if you need help.  Some dogs just don’t understand that they are supposed

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Beau Knows Training!


Beau is a mixed breed from Modesto that’s ready for training!  Not only did Beau sign up for A+ Dog Training’s most popular Calm Canine Program, but he also signed up for the Puppy Exclusive.  Beau will be able to leave cats alone in no time.  Welcome to the pack family, Beau!

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Happy Selfie Saturday


A+ Dog Training would like to wish you and your puppers a great weekend. Today we took our Labrador, Ammo, to the biggest yard sale in Turlock!  GiGi found a scarecrow and Ammo worked on his patience doing a Sit Stay with Tom at every vendor.  What did you do with your dog this weekend?

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Bubbly Bruno


Bruno’s owner was looking for Labrador training when he saw A+ Dog Training’s car around Turlock.  If you’re out with friends and family and see our car, let it be a reminder to boast about how well your dog’s training is going!  We’d love the referral.  Please welcome Bruno to our pack family!

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Tank is Terrific


We offer Mastiff training for Tank, his brother, and friends!  Tank was referred to A+ Dog Training from another Mastiff owner.  Whatever breed of dog you have, A+ Dog Training will help you find the right program for your dog, your budget, and your schedule.

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Please Do Not Pet


It is always important to ask before petting someone’s dog – no matter how much of a dog-lover you are!  ???? But remember that as cute as Moose is, or any service dog for that matter, you have to keep in mind that the dog is working while out in public with their handler and

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Hello, Dolly!


Dolly is a Border Collie Heeler training with A+ Dog Training’s Calm Canine program.  Her owners saw our car at a neighbor’s house.  Do any of your neighbor’s dogs need training?  We’d love to meet them!

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Dog Training for Life


Our A+ Lifetime Program is just that, a training program that lasts for the life of your dog.  Because “life happens” and you never know what the future holds or how your dog will adjust,  A+ Dog Training is here for you!  Call 209-985-7898 to set up a FREE consultation and get more details on

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Vivi & Bonnie Go To College


A+ Dog Training would like to send Vivi and her dog Bonnie blessings for their first semester away from home.  Bonnie is a part of our A+ Lifetime Program.  Her first trainings were getting Bonnie prepared to join her owner Vivi in college classes amongst other humans and animals.  When Vivi & Bonnie come back

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