There’s Always Time to Train

There’s Always Time to Train

Training doesn’t have to be a 30-minute session every day after work.  We understand that sometimes you’re too tired to think about working with your dog.  May we suggest you incorporate training into a habit so it’s a natural part of your lifestyle?

For example, when teaching Sit Stay and a release command (like OK), have your dog Sit Stay when it’s a natural action for your dog to learn…

  • Feeding your dog a meal or giving it a snack? Sit Stay…. OK
  • Passing through doorways? Sit Stay, (you pass first) …OK
  • Transferring laundry from washer to dryer and you don’t want your dog to grab a sock? Sit Stay…OK
  • Opening the door for a guest or quickly collecting your Amazon packages? Sit Stay…OK

Dog training doesn’t have to be tedious work.  Training your dog to learn how to live peacefully in the home with the other cats, pets, children, and grandparents should come naturally and be fun.  Need more guidance?  Sign up for A+ Dog Training’s waitlist.

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