No More Obedience Classes

No More Obedience Classes

Our business model has changed after the pandemic of 2020.  A+ Dog Training is now focusing on personalized private training sessions and no longer offers group obedience classes.

We receive too many requests to help resolve unwanted behaviors in the dog’s home environment.  Our private training sessions are still customized to resolve these bad behaviors as well as giving the owners tools & techniques for their dog to master basic obedience commands.

Our Calm Canine program offers sessions to be held in public where the dog learns to be a good citizen around other dogs and people.  When our exclusive A+ Lifetime members would like to brush up on their dog’s manners around other dogs, we combine clients to comfortably practice around each other.

It is too often that inquiring dog owners think their dog needs a basic obedience class to stop them from barking/lunging/pulling towards other dogs.  Their dog is overwhelmed & stressed when placed in a group setting.  A+ Dog Training customizes your private training sessions to slowly ease your dog into obeying your commands while in public, reaching better outcomes and much success.

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  • Shawn Magniez Posted August 12, 2022 12:58 pm

    I am only interested in “ In-home Training.” I have previously sent you emails.

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