Follow Roxie’s Journey on FB

Follow Roxie’s Journey on FB

Roxie is a 9-month-old Golden Retriever that was getting the hang of living with her family until unforeseen circumstances caused Roxie to have to live in the backyard for two months while her owner recovers.  A+ Dog Training’s Board & Train program is a seven-day kickstart for Roxie to relearn what she already knew and master the rules & boundaries of peacefully living in the home with her human family again.  We hope you enjoy following Roxie’s journey with A+ Dog Training!

Because Roxie had been living outdoors for the beginning of her life, giving her a bowl of water indoors was a new training exercise. She proudly grabbed the bowl in her mouth, dumped the water out, and laid in it.  Roxie now learned that she could keep cool with air conditioning.  And with patience from A+ Dog Training, she learned proper manners on how to drink water from a bowl.

You can’t get mad at this face! Tom had to keep Roxie on a towel while GiGi cleaned up the water in the crate.  The hard part was getting this happy pup to stop wagging her water-soaked tail and spraying the furniture!  LOL

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