Afraid to Try Another Dog Trainer?

Afraid to Try Another Dog Trainer?

All too often we hear from owners about how they’ve tried other professional dog trainers before us.

We understand.  When potential clients are concerned about how long our waitlist is, we encourage you to shop around and meet other trainers in our area.  We want you to do your due diligence and feel comfortable with your decision for your four-legged family member.

During your free consultation, we want to hear all the concerns & fears you have.  We’ve heard enough horror stories during our eleven years of owning A+ Dog Training.  Because we listen, we know what not to do and what to keep doing, but better.

We understand.  The thought of spending so much money and failing your dog again is just too painful.  That’s why dog owners say it is worth the wait to meet A+ Dog Training and get a full hour of discussing every concern and goal for your pack family.  We invite you into our home to meet us before feeling comfortable enough to invite us into your home for training.

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