Clover Pushes Tom’s Buttons

Clover Pushes Tom’s Buttons

This is Clover being Clover.  She was commanded to stay in her bed and thought she could get away with just putting one paw in.  She got an A+ for being “Class Clown”.

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday with love from Clover & A+ Dog Training!

The Place Command means “go-to-the-spot-I-tell-you-and-stay-there-until-I-release-you.” In this command, your dog has no choice but to stay there.  And they do it like it’s their job because it is.  Otherwise, they’ll choose to bark at the doorbell & rush to the door, jump on people, or beg at the dinner table.

If you need help communicating to your dog the Place command, join A+ Dog Training’s waitlist.

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