We Honor All Veterans

We Honor All Veterans

As we reflect on Tom’s service in the military, we learned that he never had to train his MWDs in another language.  His K9s were trained to only obey his commands – not any of the other handlers – just his alone.

A bond with your dog is one of the most important things to have before any training can begin.  From Tom’s service & training in the US Air Force, he can show you how to develop that special bond so that training can begin for a better-behaved dog.  And just because he doesn’t know a foreign language, this doesn’t mean that he can’t show you how to train your dog in your native language.  He has helped owners train their dog to obey commands in Assyrian and Spanish.  A+ Dog Training caters to you and your family’s goals with your dog.

If you or your friends & relatives are veterans, please know that we will be thinking about all of you today.

Have a wonderful Veteran’s Day!

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