Tango Encourages Fitness Resolutions

Tango Encourages Fitness Resolutions

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

Tango may be nice and warm in his bed, but he would like to encourage you to put on your favorite sweater and walk your dog outside!  If you dedicate a set time every day to walk your dog, within a week or so they’ll hold you to it.  You’ll notice them whining daily and encourage you to walk at that set time.  So, if you’ve steered off from your fitness goals for the new year, use your dog to help you get back on track!  You’ll notice a calmer dog and a healthier you!

Need help getting your dog to walk along side of you and not pull or lunge?  Call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898 for how we can start the New Year out right!

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