More Than One Dog

More Than One Dog

A+ Dog Training does not have a facility.  The free, one-hour consultation is at our home office.  We want to invite you into our home before you must invite us into yours.

Most private sessions are held in your home, where the dog is most comfortable and where life actually happens.  Even if you sign up one of the dogs for training, we are not the type of trainers that will make you put your other dogs away in another room.  Because let’s face it, that’s not how you live at home.  Yes, we’ll focus on the dog that you signed up and we’ll show you how to keep that dog’s attention while your other dogs roam freely or (in the case of the photo) follow suit.

A+ Dog Training built our Calm Canine program with you in mind.  Join our waitlist for a consultation and let’s develop the best strategy to achieve your goals & bring out the best in your dog!

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