Happy Tongue Out Tuesday

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday

Stevie is sporting a beautiful bandana for today’s Tongue Out Tuesday post and she wants to remind everyone about why rules & boundaries are so important.

Rules are what a dog is and isn’t allowed to do: Don’t jump on people.  Don’t pull on the walk.

Boundaries control where a dog can & can’t go: The baby’s room is off-limits.  Don’t go out the door until I say so.  Boundaries also teach your dog what is & isn’t theirs.

Rules & boundaries can keep a dog from misbehaving because they give them something else to do.  For example, if your dog begs while the family eats dinner, create a rule that they must lie on their bed in the living room while the family is dining.

Because our dogs want to please their humans, our approval becomes the positive reinforcement they need.  We must be clear and consistent with what we want our dogs to do and A+ Dog Training is here to help you communicate this to your dog.

Join our Waitlist and together, let’s create peace in the home!

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