Free Community Pack Walk Tomorrow @ 9 a.m.

Free Community Pack Walk Tomorrow @ 9 a.m.


If you want to enjoy walking and socializing your dogs, this is your perfect opportunity…because it’s free!  A+ Dog Training wants to get to know you, your family, and your dog!  Come join us for a walk and meet other dogs and their owners.

Walks last 45-60 minutes with open sidewalks and lots of garbage cans for potty breaks.  Come and go as you please!

Saturday, August 5th @ 9:00 A.M.

Meet at the corner of Monte Vista & Crowell Road in Turlock.


  • Bring bags for waste.
  • NO retractable leashes.
  • ALWAYS ask before approaching another dog
  • Bring friends, but for safety, only ONE dog per ADULT person, please.
  • You may join this free event at your own risk.

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