Follow Roxie

Follow Roxie

We hope you enjoyed all the video clips & pictures of Roxie, the Golden Retriever puppy.  Please remember that there is always more to it than the one-minute video clips & photos we post.  Every dog is unique with their own personalities & learning styles.  Likewise, every handler/owner varies & has their own unique story.

The posts we showed of Roxie are to encourage you to work with your dog and to smile as we train this adorable pup.  If the techniques that you simulate from our short posts do not work for your dog, please give us a call at 209-985-7898.  Let’s get you started with a free consultation, discuss all your concerns & goals for your dog, and set you up for success!

You can find ALL of Roxie’s videos & photos during her Board & Train stay on A+ Dog Training’s Facebook page.  Her album & playlist are entitled:  Follow Roxie.

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