Sweeping the Floors with a Puppy

Sweeping the Floors with a Puppy

Sometimes the simplest chore like sweeping can be daunting if you’ve got a big, fluff-ball of energy you have to watch over.  Although Labradoodles are domesticated dogs, sweeping a floor is unnatural to them and they must learn to not bark or bite at the broom.

Enzo trains to calmly be near the broom as Tom sweeps the floor and prepares for our Free Consultation Block.  Although Enzo looks to be sleeping, he is still an eight-month-old active puppy that can’t be left unsupervised.  The minute you take your eyes off of him, he’ll find something to chew and destroy.  Keeping him on leash as you do your daily chores will teach him the rules and boundaries of living in your home.

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  • Janice Milliken Posted October 6, 2019 4:58 pm

    Hi, Enzo! Hope to see ya at next Thursday’s class.
    ♥ Riley

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