Thomas Lee

I was one of the first twelve Air Force Canine Handlers to be chosen to help support First Marine Expeditionary Force in Operation Iraqi Freedom. My dogs seized drugs, explosives, and people. I was blessed with the best training possible from our United States Air Force. Needless to say, I am very patriotic and still get nostalgic when I listen to “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood.

After the Air Force, I was a Canine Handler & Supervisor for Kontraband Interdiction and Detection Services (K.I.D.S.Inc). I trained at least 12 dogs to detect and alert illegal drugs, alcohol, and gun powder based substances to keep kids safe in their schools. I trained at least 15 associates, police officers, and sheriffs to train and handle their own dogs. I also gave demos at schools and worked with kids. This job really helped me to become more of a people person when communicating how dogs should be trained. It also helped me transition from a military lifestyle to the “civilian world”. I traveled all over California and my favorite schools to go to were in San Diego. Fortunately, my wife has many relatives there so I still have reason to vacation Dog Beach in SoCal.

My beautiful wife, GiGi, transitioned from being a third grade teacher for 15 years to managing A+ Dog Training in 2016. I helped her pick her first puppy which she named Ammo. She always grew up with dogs, but she never raised one from a pup on her own. It not only taught me how difficult owning a puppy could be for others, but how important it is for a household to be on the same page with commands and communication. We love educating and helping others which is how A+ Dog Training became our business. You might find her walking dogs around your neighborhood, bringing Ammo to socialize with your dog, or taking pictures during class.

Like humans, not one dog is the same as another and I keep an open mind when training. If you ask me what my favorite breed/age to work with is, I will tell you that it’s the dog that will give me the biggest challenge! With experience, a friendly personality, and my calm-confident patience, I am sure that we can come to a solution for your whole family to bring out the best in your dog!

I have been given the gift of communicating with people on how to turn their dog into the healthy, happy, well-balanced dog they once fell in love with. Feel free to set up a consultation where you can get to know more about us and how we can help your family.

Here's a picture of Miss Kona on her way to A+ Dog Training's FREE July Pack Walk. She loves the monthly walks!

love them too; because they have been a huge help with Kona's doggy social skills.

When we first started going on the pack walks, Kona barked so much that we had to stay at the far end of the pack. Now she's in the middle of the pack or sometimes the front of the pack, not barking just walking calming & confidently with all the other dogs. It's so much fun!

Terry Jones + Kona

Ragnar did absolutely amazing on our trip thanks to  A+ Dog Training! Tom's guidance helped us be great pup parents and helped Ragnar follow our commands while away from home and not in his own element! He also made some new friends along the trip!


Making progress.

Jose with Lucy

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