Is Your Dog Ready for a Family Vacation?

Questions to consider:

  • Is your dog non-reactive to strange or loud noises?
  • Is your dog friendly towards strangers and other pets?
  • Does your dog bark obsessively while you are away?
  • Can your dog Sit or Down Stay while you are at the front desk or in a line?
  • Can your dog take a crowded elevator or follow you up/down the hotel stairs without pulling while you carry luggage?
  • Does your dog know not to chew on furniture and understand the command Leave It?

If you’ve already tried to go on a mini vacation with your dog and realized that they could use a little fine tuning, then give us a call.  Our services are geared for your goals in mind.  We offer classes for obedience, private training sessions for behavior or specific goals, and monthly pack walks to help socialize your dog. It’s not too late!  These skills will be needed when the winter holidays come.

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