Dogs Prepare for Thanksgiving

Holiday Etiquette 2016

Turlock’s A+ Dog Training had a One Hour Group session to get ready for Thanksgiving at a home in Hughson.  The group had a lot of questions and we answered them all.  Every family is different.  There are nephews and nieces that will chase your dog, spouses that could hold your dog’s leash as they watch football and you’re in the kitchen, and teenagers that need a break from their phones that could walk the dog with grandma.

We catered to our clients’ needs and are confident that they will make happier, peaceful memories this Thanksgiving as they include their four-legged family member into the celebration!

Please visit our Facebook Page to view more pictures of what transpired at November’s Holiday Etiquette.  We will be holding another one to prepare you for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  More information is on our Calendar of Events page.  Or, call 209-985-7898 for more details.

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