Training for a Train

At A+ Dog Training’s house, Christmas began early as this was our first train set to go around our Christmas tree.  It was exciting for Tom to set up the train on the tracks and our Labrador was very curious about this miniature train.  We trained him before getting our Christmas tree so that he didn’t have sensory overload and knock down the train, ornaments, and sniff into Christmas bag presents all at once.

Yes, it is possible to have a peaceful Christmas with an overbearing, overly curious dog in the house!  Just ask us how.

Zeus the Hunting Dog

We’ve introduced Zeus to you already.  Zeus came to us as a young puppy needing the basics on obedience and behavior before he gets board & trained to become a hunting dog.

Zeus is currently with another dog trainer specifically working on hunting tasks.  After his board & train, Zeus will continue to get trained by A+ Dog Training at his home and in public in Turlock.

We can’t wait to see what Zeus has learned.  We miss you, Zeus!  Keep up the great work!

Turlock Nursery’s Santa Celebration

A+ Dog Training had a table at Turlock Nursery’s Santa Celebration yesterday in Hilmar.  Turlock Nursery had their three and four year olds perform a few Christmas songs on stage and there were raffle prizes and vendors for the families to enjoy.

The little ones loved seeing Ammo in his jingle bell collar and reindeer antlers.  We taught them how to ask to pet someone’s dog and gave dog training tips to the parents.  Ammo was tired within the first hour of getting petted, poked, and his tail being held by lots of little, excited children.  He is working very hard for the holidays!