COVID-19 Update from A+ Dog Training

With an overabundance of caution, deliberation, and prayer, you will find A+ Dog Training’s Update as of May 22nd below:
• We have prioritized our current clients so that we can phase into private training sessions.
     o The amount of sessions left, if you just started or have only had 1 or 2 training sessions prior to COVID-19, and the location (in home, outdoors, etc.) are all factored into our strategic phases as to when you will be trained again.
We agree that training your dog is essential to the mental health and well-being for all households and we apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause, but our clients are comprised of humans young and old. Some clients have compromised immune systems, are pregnant, or above 65 years of age. We are keeping each and every one of you in mind. It would be careless of us to enter multiple homes throughout the day while respecting the different opinions of all our clients.
• We need to make up a March Kindergarten Class (comprised of 9 dogs) and an April Elementary Class (comprised of 18 dogs).
• We have a Junior High Class (9 dogs) and an Elementary Class (15 dogs) scheduled for the end May.
     o The location of the classes, the day of the week the class is held, and the makeup of the class (barkers, those that just need socialization, etc.) are all factors as we phase into classes.
     o Social distancing & mass gatherings are primary concerns for us as dog owners also bring their children and spouses to the class for their one dog. Multiply that by 18 and you can see how that can become a problem.
     o We have laid out cones and mapped out how many dogs can be in a group setting at a park. We also factor how far Tom’s voice can carry while the class is spread out, and with dogs barking. Please keep in mind that dogs do not understand human social distancing protocol and our distances tend to fluidly move during class. Safety is our primary concern as to when we can begin classes again. We will be calling those enrolled in classes this Tuesday, May 26th.
• There are 18 consultations that have been postponed since April’s consultation block.
• There are 12 potential clients on our Waiting List. We are continuing to accept inquiries and are putting any potential clients on our Waiting List.
It is our responsibility to schedule our private training clients first, as we work around 50 various household’s schedules. As much as we have missed receiving an income, the best way to maintain managing our time is by keeping our Free Consultation Blocks at the first week of every month. It is a possibility for us to start the consultations already scheduled for June 4th, but we want to make sure that we can also schedule a private training session with them. The last thing we would want is for us to accept your payment but not be specific on when we can provide the services you expect and signed up for.
Our Dog Walking service is currently available. Please contact us for more details.
We thank you so much for your understanding and will continue to keep in contact via phone with all our current private training clients. Please keep A+ Dog Training in your prayers as this is our only means of income. You can help support our small business (and other small businesses) through Crivelli’s Community Tee Project. A+ Dog Training shirts are on now available. We hear many clients purchasing a shirt to wear at our future Pack Walks! A portion of the sale of an A+ Dog Training tee shirt goes to Tom & GiGi’s small business to help recover from this pandemic. Here is the link.
Should you have further questions, please call or text us at 209-985-7898. Email us at [email protected]om. We know that communication is the key to our business, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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