Why Your Consultation is Free

A+ Dog Training takes pride in offering a free consultation.  Other trainers in the area either charge for the consultation, or deduct the consultation fee only if you sign on to one of their programs.

We know how vulnerable it could feel to invite someone into your home to train your dog (and the adults) for a month.  What if you aren’t compatible with the trainer’s personality?  What if what the trainer does isn’t exactly what you are needing?  Should you still have to pay a consultation fee?

When signing on with A+ Dog Training you become a part of our pack family. In essence, we want to make sure you join our family solely because you are ready to commit to training your dog.  You should not end up with a “might-as-well” mentality because you just paid to meet the trainer at a consultation.

A+ Dog Training knows how valuable your time and money are.  That’s why we offer a free consultation and flexible training programs to meet your family’s schedules and goals.

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