What is Your Goal with Your Dog?

Jonathan's Tournament Apr 2016

When choosing the right program for you and your dog at A+ Dog Training, we always ask what your goal is.  Is it to take your dog camping with you?  Would you love to be able to have backyard barbecues during the summer and not worry about your dog?  Would you like to bring your dog with you as you watch your kids practice and compete?

One of the goals for our dog was to be able to take this forever-hungry, always-chewing Labrador with us to our nephews’ baseball games.  We’ve learned that he does fine if we lay a blanket down so he doesn’t eat a pound of sunflower seed shells that surround him.  He also doesn’t fuss as much staying in one place for seven innings or bark at other dogs at the park.  He doesn’t even flinch when a foul ball comes his way!

So we ask all dog lovers to write down your goals and share them with us! Oh…and yes, we can help you achieve them!

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