Valentine’s Doggie Day

Valentine's Day

A+ Dog Training would like to remind you to keep your jewelry and chocolates up and away from your dog as they can be harmful to their health.  The cost of jewelry is one thing, so you don’t need the added cost of an x-ray at the vet to see the necklace in Fido’s stomach!  I like to eat a few sweet treats and leave them on the coffee table.  Remembering to put the candy away when we’re done not only helps keep us healthy (out of sight – out of mind) but will keep our dog from having to visit the vet from chocolate/candy poisoning.

Being taken to a night out in Modesto, or a sunset walk with your loved one and four-legged friend are always great ways to make memories.  And, we were blessed to have Valentine’s Day come on a Sunday when so many of us already have the day off.

But, A+ Dog Training would like to tell you that we love you and all of your family members – even the four-legged candy thief, so much to please be mindful of the deflated balloons and wilted flower petals that can happen at the end of this week.  We want to keep your dog healthy and spend more quality time training your dog!

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