Last Pack Walk Tomorrow 10 AM

Fall Video

Turn up the volume! I make fun of my dog having a leaf stuck on his paw as he walks. Haha.

This post is really a reminder for everyone that we will have our last Free Community Pack Walk for 2017 tomorrow, December 2nd, at 10:00 AM. We meet at the corner of Monte Vista Ave. & Crowell Rd. at CSU, Stanislaus in Turlock. Come & go as you please! We just request that you bring bags for waste and a non-retractable leash. One dog per person but you can bring as many friends and family as you’d like!

Dogs Afraid of Going Through Doors

Doors at Home Depot

Click on the link above (Doors at Home Depot) to watch Tom build confidence on going through various doors.

Our Labrador was once afraid to cross from our bedroom door to the office door.  Now, he can go through all sorts of doors and while walking in a strip mall will try to go through the automatic doors that blow out their cool air conditioning.

Think outside the box when training your dog because no dog is the same and each have their own unique personality – just like humans.  If your dog has a fear that they need to overcome and you’ve tried everything, try A+ Dog Training!

Dogs and Children Can Live Peacefully

Bell working with hyperness around children

I have been reading a few recent articles about dogs attacking children.  Our programs are designed to train your dog to live peacefully with babies.  Yes, dogs are animals and accidents can occur.  However, A+ Dog Training is there to show dog owners how to prevent unwanted situations and even train your children how to be a responsible dog owner.

Our A+ Lifetime Program is exciting because our families never know exactly when they’ll be expecting a new addition to their family.  It could be a year after training with them that we’ll receive a call and come back to train and prepare their dog to its new boundaries with the nursery, smells, and sounds of a baby.  We even have a CD specializing in training your dog!

If you are ever nervous about having your dog around the baby or children or if your children are too afraid to perform dog chores (walking and feeding the dog), please don’t hesitate to call A+ Dog Training.  It is never to late.