Dogs at a Human Party

racer oct 2016

Racer from Modesto would like to remind everyone that the holidays are fast approaching.  Don’t keep your dog locked in the bedroom while family and friends come to visit.  Let your dog know that they’re a part of the family too!

A+ Dog Training would like to invite you to join a One Hour Group Club that will teach you and your dog how to peacefully get through the holiday parties.

There are two dates to choose from but only a limited space available so call Tom at 209-985-7898 today!

Saturday, November 5th or Saturday December 10th (12:00 – 1:00 p.m.)  Cost is $25/dog.  See Calendar of Events for more details.

More Treats for Clients

Enjoying lettuce wrapped burgers at Habit after the Bully Boo Walk.

We spent Sunday in Fresno for the Fresno Bully Rescue’s Annual Bully Boo Walk.  There were a lot of great dog costumes, a fun walk, and many vendors.  A+ Dog Training is always thinking about our clients, so we tried to pick up as many treats and goodies the vendors were giving out so that we could share them with you!

Train Your Dog Before the Holidays

Taylor & GiGi Oct. 2016

As much as we all love dog kisses, not all of the company coming to our homes for the holidays will.  That’s why A+ Dog Training is bringing you a new One Hour Group Club called Holiday Etiquette!

There are two dates and only seven spots available for our Holiday Etiquette Workshop.  This hands-on training is located at a home in Hughson to practice real-life experiences.  Work on welcoming your guests at the door without your dog barking or bolting out.  Train your dog to practice their manners while lounging in the living room.  Keep your dog at a Stay while eating Thanksgiving dinner at the table.

November 5th or December 10th from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.  $25 per dog (only one dog per handler).

Call Tom at 209-985-7898 and join one of the One Hour Group Clubs today!

Fall Toxins for Dogs


The beginning of fall brings new seasonal objects that can pose a threat to the safety of our dogs.  Please be aware of mushrooms, red maple leaves, candy & sweets, and Halloween glow sticks.

A+ Dog Training’s Lab enjoys taking a break from work in Turlock and visiting his retriever cousins in Modesto for some backyard fun!

Free Used Mesh Dog Screen for Car

mesh car screen

We have a used mesh that acts as a screen to prevent your dog in the back seat from stepping on the center console or walking to the front passenger and driver seats while you are driving.  We have never used one because we crate our dogs securely in the back seat of our car.  The owner of this mesh decided to crate her dogs instead and is offering this to anyone who would like to try it.

A+ Dog Training would like to help and remind all dog lovers in Modesto, Turlock, and the greater Turlock areas to keep your dogs and your lives safe while driving.

If you are interested in this free, used mesh screen please call or text Thomas Lee at 209-985-7898 and he could drop it off at your door.  We only have one, so first contact, first serve. 🙂

Train Your Dog to Tell the Time

Whoa!  Good morning, Ammo!
Whoa! Good morning, Ammo!

I was dreaming about redeeming prize tickets at a water park when my alarm wakes me up.  I open my eyes enough to tap the alarm off and was startled by a 78 pound Labrador quietly staring at me.  “How long was my best friend watching me sleep,” I wondered, as I switch the alarm to camera mode and snapped this picture.

If Tom hasn’t trained your dog to tell time yet, then perhaps he’s taught you how to get into a consistent routine with your dog.  Our dog knows (without looking at the clock) when it’s time for me to start my day, when he eats, and when our obedience classes are.

As the season changes, pick a consistent time in the day to walk your dog.  If you’re not the type that enjoys exercise all that much then just walk your dog for 10 full minutes at the same time every day for 10 full days.  Your dog will not only love you for it, but they will be an encouragement to keep the walk-time daily.  I encourage you to try the “10 minutes at the same time for 10 full days” dog walk challenge and comment on this post as to how it’s going.  Will your dog quietly sit close to you and stare until it’s time to walk? Will your dog whine until you remember that it’s time to put on their leash?  I challenge you to try it just to see if your dog will start telling time!

Pets With Love


September 2016's Puppy Social
September 2016’s Puppy Social

You might think that we designed our monthly Puppy Socials at Taylor ER Veterinary in Turlock for puppies to develop the right social skills with other pups.  But maybe, it’s really so that A+ Dog Training can get their monthly fix and pet a bunch of puppies!

Puppy Spills



September's Puppy Social 2016
September’s Puppy Social 2016

It never fails at our monthly Puppy Social.  At least one of the two water bowls gets knocked over, pushed aside, or has paws dipping into it within the first three minutes of unleashed puppies.

And that’s how a social is supposed to party!

Our Puppy Socials are designed for the puppy one year and younger that are not quite finished with their vaccinations but need the experience of being around other humans and dogs in a safe environment.  Taylor ER Veterinary in Turlock and A+ Dog Training are here to provide that for you and your new best friend!

A+ Dog Training Volunteers


This is a reminder for the parents of the Hughson School District that 4H sign-ups will be tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28th at 7:00 p.m.  It will be held at Hughson Elementary School.

A+ Dog Training has an Elementary class from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Four Seasons Park in Turlock.  So, Tom will continue teaching the class while GiGi attends the 4H Sign-ups in Hughson and answer any questions you or your children might have.

If your child attends the Hughson School District, encourage them to sign up with us to learn how to be a responsible dog owner.  We’ll train both your kids and your dog!