Pack Walk is on Today!!!!!!!!!

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The Free Pack Walk is on today at 9am-10am.  We will meet at the corner of Crowell and Monte Vista.  The weather should be between 79-84 degrees during the hour walk.  Make sure to bring comfortable clothes since it will still be warm out.  Please no retractable leashes and bring poop bags for your dog.  One dog per person.  Come out and have fun meeting new people while your dog gets socialized.

Put a Lid on It!

Pepper's Saran Wrap

No matter how much training your dog works on, a dog is an animal with a high sense of smell.  Remember to close the lid on your garbage cans to prevent unwanted trips to the vet.  This was Saran Wrap found in the stomach of one of our client’s dogs.

GiGi’s Last Day

Letter from Student

GiGi’s last day as a public school teacher was today.  She gets the summer off and then officially begins working alongside Tom, full-time with A+ Dog Training.

As A+ Dog Training grows, we would like to thank all of our clients that have referred us to others time and time again.  We love finding out that someone has heard about our company because they complimented a former client for how well behaved their dog was and how they could never take their dog out in public Modesto.  The answer is simple, “I learned from Thomas Lee at A+ Dog Training.”  Then the person either has seen the car or says, “Oh, I know who you’re talking about!  He’s bald and is always at Home Depot in Turlock with a different dog each week?”    Hahaha!  Keep the referrals coming.  We greatly appreciate your support in our local small business.

Another Fun Dog Walk

1.4 miles

Westside Animals for Adoption had their Patterson Pack Walk this past Saturday.  A+ Dog Training joined in on the fun as a family.  We walked 1.4 miles around the neighborhoods of Patterson in 50 minutes.  Their walks are held every last Saturday of the month at 9:00 A.M.  See their website for more details.  This is a free and great opportunity to get to know dogs for adoption and to socialize your dog around other dogs and people.

Happy Memorial Day

Columbia State Park Memorial Day

We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Weekend.  A+ Dog Training took some time off to hang out at Columbia State Park.  The fox tails are out, but we steered clear.  Temperatures were a bit cooler in Sonora.  Expect high temperatures all week so if you’re not taking your dog with you into the stores, keep your dog at home!  The car is so much hotter and your dog will over heat.

Patterson is Holding a Pack Walk

A+ Dog Training encourages all dog owners to join Westside Animals for Adoption and its  members for a dog walk in downtown Patterson.   A+ Dog Training attends as a family to help gear our dog ready for summer trips out of town.  The more you socialize your dog around other dogs and people, the easier it will be to eat “al fresca” at your favorite restaurant in Modesto or Carmel!  

Walks last for about 45 minutes. Come and go as you please.  Meet behind Patterson Veterinary Hospital, 24 S. 3rd Street. 892-3114. This Saturday,  May 28, is their next walk at 9:00 A.M.

Social Club Hour!!!!!

Spring is starting to turn to summertime.  You know what that means, weather is getting hotter!!!  It is time for the A+ Dog Training Pool Socials.  We would like to do 3 pool socials this summer.  Let us know if you would like to host a pool social at your house.  We will give you details on how you can host a pool social or dog social.  This is a great way to teach your dog to swim and get in/out of the pool while you are meeting new people in the Turlock/Modesto area.

Daisy Host photo 2 (3)

Classes Continue at A+ Dog Training


Yesterday was Elementary’s graduation day.  Today is Junior High’s third class due to rain outs.  It almost looked like it was going to rain today in Modesto and Turlock but class resumed.

Toby would like to remind all dog lovers to sign up your dog for A+ Dog Training’s next classes.  See our calendar of events or check out our Facebook page for more details.

Home Training Outside of Home

Kai at Home Depot

Kai is having fun window shopping for appliances at Home Depot.  The Home Depot in Modesto and Turlock are dog friendly and a great place for you to train your dog.  A+ Dog Training has programs available that include an “Out on the Town” training where we can show you all the fun things you can do to train your dog aside from tricks and basic obedience.

Dog is Sassy at the Camera

Come meet Sassy at Geiger's Jewelry!
Come meet Sassy at Geiger’s Jewelry!

Sassy and Tom haven’t trained together in quite a while but she went right up to him and welcomed him like an old friend!  Stop by and visit Sassy and her family at Geiger’s Fine Jewelry in downtown Turlock.

If you’ve been wanting to bring your dog with you to work but there’s just a few things that they could work on to be the perfect coworker, give A+ Dog Training a call.  We are a mobile company and can train you and your dog at your place of work!