We’re Hooked on Your Dog


Ammo tries out the new hook we installed in our office.  We hope that this will help those trying to control their dog while discussing their goals with us during the initial consultation.  We see how hard it is to fill out paperwork and hold onto the leash of a jumpy, chewing dog. GiGi is

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Time Flies

This picture almost brings tears to my eyes because of how fast Ammo has grown up.  I remember when he was just a pup and could fit in our arms as we sat on the bench.  Or, we’d place him up on the examining table at Taylor Vet.  And now he’s as long as the

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Ammo Goes to the Vet

Now that Ammo is eight years old, we decided to give him a full wellness check along with updating his Rabies, DHPP, Canine Flu, & Bordetella.  He’s got a clean bill of health but we’re ready to take advantage of Taylor ER’s dental discount in February.  Ammo’s got old dog breath – yuck! As usual,

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Field of Ice

Have you been making memories with your dog this Christmas season?  A+ Dog Training takes our Labrador everywhere and Roi, the French Bulldog, is lucky enough to be with us for a Board & Train during this season.  You can view more pictures on our Facebook Page.

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Five Days Until Christmas


Ammo would like to wish everyone a peaceful 5 Days Until Christmas. Drive safe out there and be patient at the stores. 🙂   Thank you Taylor ER Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Turlock, California, for the wonderful chocolates! GiGi’s almost finished with them already!

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I am Groot!


Meet Groot, a Labrador training on our exclusive A+ Lifetime Program.  Groot is the typical hyper Labrador whose goals are to learn good manners and follow dog obedience commands.  Welcome to our pack family, Groot!

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Precious Pippa


Meet Pippa, an unknown Terrier Mix who kicked off her Calm Canine program with a seven-day board & train.  Pippa is hesitant around men and needs some help responding to basic dog obedience.  With the programs she chose with A+ Dog Training, Pippa will be one of the most responsive and friendly dogs in Gustine! 

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Happy Tongue Out Tuesday


Happy Tongue Out Tuesday from Lewis & Colt! Lewis and Colt would like to remind all of the young pups under a year old to join A+ Dog Training’s Puppy Social this Saturday, December 8th at 2:00 P.M.  The Puppy Social will be held at Taylor ER Veterinary in Turlock, CA.  Call them at 209-669-8600

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