Time Flies

This picture almost brings tears to my eyes because of how fast Ammo has grown up.  I remember when he was just a pup and could fit in our arms as we sat on the bench.  Or, we’d place him up on the examining table at Taylor Vet.  And now he’s as long as the bench!

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Ammo Goes to the Vet

Now that Ammo is eight years old, we decided to give him a full wellness check along with updating his Rabies, DHPP, Canine Flu, & Bordetella.  He’s got a clean bill of health but we’re ready to take advantage of Taylor ER’s dental discount in February.  Ammo’s got old dog breath – yuck!

As usual, the lobby is spacious and clean which makes it so comfortable for us to walk in to.  All of the vet techs stop to say hello to Ammo (and greet us as well) and Ammo met his new vet, Dr. Shahbazi.  Dr. Shahbazi was awesome!  He did a thorough check from nose to tail and we’re happy to say that his hips, weight, and eyes are still “looking young”.  Dr. Shahbazi answered all of our questions, waited for us to be ready and hold Ammo like how we’d like to for his shots, and was very informational (which is what we like).  The more we understand how Ammo grows, the better we can catch symptoms of old age and help him.  We had a great discussion on Ammo’s allergies, meds, and ear infections.  It was so good to update Ammo’s health with Dr. Shahbazi!

Ammo was excited to see his name on the board with Winnie the Pooh.  He comfortably used their potty station and, in the picture, he is looking at one of their new toys I’m dangling above the camera.  He wasn’t interested in playing with it nor drinking out of their fountained water bowl but it’s probably because he loves attention and the staff were giving him lots of it.

If you don’t have a primary vet, we would like to recommend Dr. Shahbazi at Taylor ER Veterinary.  If you already have a vet then we just want to encourage you to bring your dog in so that they enjoy socializing and being comfortable at the vet’s office before any unforeseen emergencies happen.  The goal is for our pets to be calm and suffer less trauma when at the vet’s office should an emergency occur.

Field of Ice

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