Training for Boxers (and other dogs)

Paquilao Fight

Our Labrador is ready for the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight!  If you are watching it in Modesto with some friends or at home with the neighbors, here are a few training tips for your boxer, chihuahua, and the like:

Keep a leash handy for when your dog gets hyper.  You don’t have to use it for all of the bouts – just whenever your dog forgets their manners for a while.

Every so often, remove your dog from the room to relax and distress.  All of the excitement from having company over can stress your dog out.  Not to mention the cheering and yelling.

Be mindful of your guests.  Not everyone enjoys a dog staring at them eat their chips and salsa.  And some guests are polite enough to say, “That’s okay.”  But it’s not.  Leash your dog to be by you, Place your dog on its bed, or give the command of Back or Away.  This way there’s no question about how comfortable your company will be with your four-legged sidekick at your side.

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