Summer Vacation is Right Around the Corner

Ammo "Ruffing It" in Yosemite National Forest
Ammo “Ruffing It” in Yosemite National Forest

Spring has sprung and before you know it summer will be here.  Is your dog ready for all of the fun-filled family vacations?  Or, are you deciding to opt out of trips because you now have a dog to worry about?

A+ Dog Training is here to help!  We’ve helped many clients prepare their dog for camping, shopping sprees in Carmel, and family trips to visit the in-laws.  If you think that your dog is not well-mannered enough to be around the public, know that you’re not alone.  Our programs can be tailored to suit your family’s lifestyle.  So whether it’s walking your dog to meet with the girls at Starbucks in Modesto or taking your dog to the beach and camping, call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898.

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