State Testing and Dog Walking Make a Great Pair

state testing

GiGi’s third graders have just started their week long California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASP).  So it is only fitting for A+ Dog Training to remind those with children in grades 3+ to take your dog and kids out for a walk.  Let your kids relax and enjoy time with you as they burn off all the pent up energy (from both the kids and dog).  Ask your child what kind of questions were on the test today and what they think will be on the test tomorrow.  Go over testing strategies (e.g. Did you read all of the answers before choosing the correct one?  Are you using the mouse to track your reading?  Did you use the notepad to show your work on the math?)  Discussing what they did on the test shows them how much you support their hard efforts of staying focused and trying their best.  Commend them and remind them to sleep early and prepare a healthy breakfast tomorrow morning.

By going out for a walk, your child will also be able to rest their eyes from staring at a computer screen all day and breathe some fresh air.  Oh, and did I mention to bring your dog because Fido’s a part of the family too?!

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