Start Your Training On the Right Paw

posted on June 21

A+ Dog Training would like to remind you that a puppy doesn’t understand human etiquette when they first join your home.  Be consistent and patient when setting the rules and boundaries.  How you teach your puppy over the next few weeks will make things easier – or harder – for the rest of their life.  If you need help, call us at 209-985-7898.

Father’s Day, BBQ, and Hungry Dogs

Dot from Turlock

Dot from Turlock would like to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day.

If you’re having a family barbecue this weekend, please keep in mind your dog’s training.  Have your dog lay down and stay beside you as you eat or put them on their bed or place.  Remind your guests not to feed them human food so that your dog is not begging all the time and avoids an unexpected vet bill.  Start your dog on a leash as people enter your home so that they don’t jump on your guests or bolt out the door.

The more your dog’s training is consistent during the party, the more fun other parties will be once they learn their boundaries.

Have fun this weekend and enjoy making memories with dad, grandpa, and the dog!

A+ Dog Training Encourages You to Walk Your Dog

Capone & GiGi

Benefits of walking your dog:

  • Keeps your dog healthy. By controlling their weight, you can lessen stress on their hips.
  • Keeps you healthy…walking is great exercise and a form of mediation
  • Releases a lot of stored energy and will calm your dog or puppy

A+ Dog Training also offers a dog walking service for when you can’t walk your dog.  Call 209-985-7898 for more information.

Prepare for a Dog Emergency

first aid

This is a reminder to replenish your Pet Emergency Kit.

We replace our dog’s three days worth of food, water, and medicine whenever he gets a new bag in the kitchen.  Whenever his vaccines or license is renewed, we ask our veterinarian for two extra copies of his updated record (one for the travel crate / one for his travel bag which we keep by the first aid kit).  Aside from the usual supplies in a first aid kit, we include puppy pads to soak up any accidental liquids, tweezers for unwanted foxtails or ticks, and an extra leash and collar.

We take his travel backpack with him whether it’s a long summer road trip or a quick family trip to Modesto.  It’s easy when everything is already kept in the backpack.

A+ Dog Training’s mission is to help bring peace in your home.  Whether that’s through dog obedience, behavior training, or emergency readiness we are here to help!

Leave Your Dog at Home

Heat Wave

Although today was a cooler day with a slight breeze throughout Modesto and Turlock, I still left my dog at home.  Even though I can take him to most of my errands and not leave him in the car, the thought of hot asphalt or sidewalks come to mind – not to mention how much this Labrador will shed his fur in my car!

By the time I came home, he was passed out on the couch with the fan directly on him.  We trained him to be on the couch only when we put his sheet to cover it.  And yes…he sleeps with his eyes open.

June’s Pack Walk was a Success

For WordPress

There were 22 dogs that attended June’s Pack Walk.  It was our first hot pack walk of the season.  We took a shorter route, lasting 1.57 miles in 44 minutes.  There was a fun run (5k & 10k) event that was going on and Tom was helping owners train their dogs to be walking near runners without lunging or barking at them.  This is why we offer the free pack walks monthly.  A+ Dog Training wants to provide dog lovers from as far as Modesto, Ceres, and Patterson a place in Turlock to socialize their dogs and get to know other dog lovers.

To view more pictures, LIKE our Facebook page A+ Dog Training and click on the album entitled:  June 2016’s Pack Walk.

Pack Walk is on Today!!!!!!!!!

photo 5 (2)

The Free Pack Walk is on today at 9am-10am.  We will meet at the corner of Crowell and Monte Vista.  The weather should be between 79-84 degrees during the hour walk.  Make sure to bring comfortable clothes since it will still be warm out.  Please no retractable leashes and bring poop bags for your dog.  One dog per person.  Come out and have fun meeting new people while your dog gets socialized.

Put a Lid on It!

Pepper's Saran Wrap

No matter how much training your dog works on, a dog is an animal with a high sense of smell.  Remember to close the lid on your garbage cans to prevent unwanted trips to the vet.  This was Saran Wrap found in the stomach of one of our client’s dogs.

GiGi’s Last Day

Letter from Student

GiGi’s last day as a public school teacher was today.  She gets the summer off and then officially begins working alongside Tom, full-time with A+ Dog Training.

As A+ Dog Training grows, we would like to thank all of our clients that have referred us to others time and time again.  We love finding out that someone has heard about our company because they complimented a former client for how well behaved their dog was and how they could never take their dog out in public Modesto.  The answer is simple, “I learned from Thomas Lee at A+ Dog Training.”  Then the person either has seen the car or says, “Oh, I know who you’re talking about!  He’s bald and is always at Home Depot in Turlock with a different dog each week?”    Hahaha!  Keep the referrals coming.  We greatly appreciate your support in our local small business.