Credence Says to Stop by at Pet Avenue this Saturday

Credence from our last Kindergarten class would like to remind everyone that A+ Dog Training will be at Pet Avenue on Geer Road in Turlock for obedience class registration.  Our Elementary class starts on April 19th and Junior High starts on April 20th.

We will be at Pet Avenue from 1:00 – 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 15, 2017.  Please bring up-to-date vaccination record and $130 per dog cash or check. (Class fee may be waived depending on private training program).

Open Enrollment for April Obedience Classes

Open enrollment for April 19th’s Elementary Obedience and April 20th’s Junior High Obedience Class are under way.

Visit A+ Dog Training at Pet Avenue in Turlock this Saturday, April 8th from 12:00 – 1:00 PM to register your dog for a five week class. (Please see our Calendar for class details).

Bring up-to-date shot records and cash or check for $130 per dog.  *Class fee may be waived depending on private training program.

Training at the Pet Store

Have fun with your training.

Try taking your dog to Pet Supplies Plus in Turlock for socialization.  Our Labrador, Ammo, walked right by the line of dogs out front waiting for their vaccinations.  We walked through the aisle of treats and worked on Leave It.  Then we checked out the Igloo Crates.  Giving your dog the Kennel command and watching them obey and trust you is a great feeling!

Life Application:  When traveling this summer with your dog, you might have to put them into a crate or kennel that they are not familiar with.  Instead of struggling by pushing and pulling your dog in, use your Kennel command that you’ve practiced at Pet Supplies Plus on weekends!

Way to Go, Moose!

Moose is becoming that lovable service dog that his handler wants and needs.  GiGi was so proud of Moose’s training that she had to take a selfie with him!

Your dog can be well trained if you keep up with the homework that Tom gives you.  The more consistent you are with your training, the more obedient your dog will be.