February’s Dog Pictures

Walking 6

We had time to finally post pictures of February’s Pack Walk.  Yesterday’s dog walk was a success!  Nineteen dogs came out and the rain came before and after the walk.  Some people trained their dogs to stay away from puddles, calmly walk through the puddles, and to sit-stay during a resting period.  Great work everyone!

Please visit our Facebook Page for last month’s sunny Pack Walk pictures.  Search A+ Dog Training.

Turlock Pack Walk!!!!!

photoHello, so far the Pack Walk in Turlock will be on.  Make sure to bring warm clothes like a jacket or sweater.  The weather says by 10am it’s suppose to be 53 percent chance of rain.  I will post again in about 30-40 minutes to let you know for sure if the pack walk is on or cancelled.

Thomas & GiGi Lee

A+ Dog Training.

March Madness Pack Walk


The weather in Turlock is predicted to rain during our 10:00 a.m. free Community Pack Walk.  Yes, it might be madness to walk in the rain with so many dogs, but it could also be a great memory!

We will post on our Facebook Page at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow to confirm if it is still on.  We are thinking about our Modesto and Patterson dog owners that will have to drive.  If it is heavy rain, we will cancel.  If it is light rain at 8:30 a.m., bring a towel in the car to wipe down your dog after the walk!

Bell and her buddy in the picture hope to see the sun and you out tomorrow.  They say to call or text 209-985-7898 for more details or visit our Calendar tab.

Enjoy the Weekend

Pack Walk

Every last Saturday of the month, Westside Animals for Adoption in Patterson, California, holds a dog walk.  It was fun to take our dog out and enjoy other dog lovers and dogs in training for adoption.  Our Labrador got to enjoy being in the middle (and sometimes the back) of the pack!  Visit their website page for their next walk.


Since spring and summer time is coming up, start training to get healthier and to get better command of your dog.  The first week of March, train your dog for at least 5 minutes of sit, down, stay and come each day during week one (also walk for at least 30 minutes).  The second week, train your dog at least 10 minutes of sit, down, stay, and come each day during week two (walk at least 35 minutes).

The third week, train your dog at least 15 minutes of sit, down, stay, and come each day during week three (walk at least 40 minutes).  The fourth week, train your dog at least 20 minutes of sit, down, stay, and come each day during week four (walk at least 45 minutes).

Each day you can do more than the time I gave you if you would like to.  This will only get you and your dog healthier and a better bond.  On the walks, if your dog can’t walk as far or you are having a hard time walking longer distance, then walk what you can.  At least you will get you and your dog out in the fresh air.

photo 3Elementary July 2014

Kettle Dash Home Page

The Salvation Army Kettle Dash 5K, 10K and Dog Walk

A+ Dog Training will be supporting this event.  Please visit our booth.  Meet Tom, GiGi, and their Labrador Ammo.  Ask questions about your dog and see what services we could provide for you and your dog.

We hope to see everyone at downtown Turlock tomorrow morning.  Registration starts at 7:30 a.m.

Source: Kettle Dash Home Page