New Dogs & Children

New Dogs & Children
Introducing a new dog to your children:
1. Keep introductions short and sweet. Always end on a good note.
2. Establish a routine so that you can supervise both the dog and children together. This is the perfect time to establish rules for how the kids can interact with the dog. Dogs need rules too. Call A+ Dog Training for sessions with your family to show you how to establish rules for how the dog interacts with children.
3. A+ Dog Training can also show your family how to read your new dog’s body language. Always supervise your new dog when around children. Call us to show you how to develop an amazing bond with your new furry-family addition!
Levi just got his face painted as a scarecrow before hanging out with Ammo! Don’t they make the best of friends? His new BFF is Tucker the Springer Spaniel (top left).

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