Miss Patti the Pug Puppy

Miss Patti the Pug Puppy

I had spoken to Marylee on Monday regarding Patti’s current obedience classes and her choice to be self-quarantined with her husband that has serious, underlying medical conditions.  I told Marylee that since we weren’t going to see her until Elementary’s class in July, if she needed ANYTHING, I’m available to run errands or drop off items.

Last Wednesday, Marylee called and said that Patti had ingested something and needed to be taken to the vet A.S.A.P.  She wanted to quickly take Patti but didn’t want to risk exposing herself to anything in public and then bring it home to Ed.  I told her to get Patti’s crate ready and to call and make sure Canal Veterinary was open so that Patti could go to her regular vet.  I transported Patti and waited as Dr. Heather examined and took care of Patti.  Fortunately, Patti was able to pass most of it with her stool and is recovering as though nothing happened!  She was just being our hyper Pitter-Patter-Patti-the-Pug Puppy, tore open her toy and ate the stuffing.  It was also coming out as red fabric because the of chrysanthemums she was eating while being unsupervised in the backyard!

Canal Veterinary in Turlock, CA. did an awesome job keeping Marylee and I informed throughout the process.   I was able to leave Patti and her crate with Canal Vet and Dr. Heather took Patti home once her shift was over.  Patti was in great hands from beginning to end while being away from her mama!

I am sharing this story because I would like to remind you that when I say, “Welcome to our pack family,” I mean it!  For those of you that are under self-quarantine due to you, or a member in your household’s current high risk, please know that A+ Dog Training is available to pick up, drop off, shop for, etc. to help you get through these uncertain times.  A+ Dog Training’s mission statement was created in 2012 and we remain steadfast on our mission eight years later.

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