Honey, I’m Home.

Honey, I’m Home.

Many current & future clients call A+ Dog Training because of separation anxiety.  It might not seem like a big change to humans, but your dog got used to you working from home.  Working on your departure & arrival habits could help.

Hellos and goodbyes should be low key.  When leaving your dog alone, don’t make a big deal out of it which could cause anxiety. Place them in their crate or room, along with a safe toy or stuffed Kong to keep them occupied and be on your way. When arriving back home, give your dog a few minutes to calm down before interacting with them. Reward them with lots of love once the jumping or barking has stopped.

If you feel like it is too stressful for your dog, please call us at 209-985-7898 to set up a Free Consultation so we can make an action plan and help create a peaceful home again.

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