Guard Dog on Duty

Sometimes we get calls from people wondering if we train dogs to be guard dogs.  We don’t train dogs to bite on command – although that was Tom’s initial education with military working dogs, and he is capable of teaching you.

What we tell people is that your dog is a deterrent enough.  Their presence makes suspicious people think twice about approaching you on a walk and their bark could be loud enough for a burglar to move on to another house.

When people complain about their dog always barking at the door, we discuss how it is a good thing that your dog barks.  But, we teach your dog to stop barking on command once you find out that it’s just your mother-in-law stopping by for a surprise visit.  Turning on and off your dog’s voice is deterrent enough to keep you feeling safe.  Turning on and off your dog’s white chompers could lead to liability issues and escalated situations you don’t want to be in.

So, if you got a dog for your wife to feel safe while you are away from her, please give us a call.  We’ll discuss what specific goals you’d like your dog to acquire and how protective you’d like your dog to be during your free consultation.

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