Got a Dog; Life Still Goes On

We’ve noticed that 2016’s holiday season (and as the storms keep hitting Turlock) there have been many dog owners sick, their family members with the flu, and even some hospitalized.  Our clients would be conflicted with keeping a dog training appointment or trying to get over a lingering cold.

With A+ Dog Training, there is no need to feel conflicted.  What sets us apart from other companies is our flexibility in scheduling.  We understand about last minute company Christmas parties, catching the flu, or the rain flooding your backyard.  We don’t want to train your dog during those times either!  J

Our mission is to create peace in the home.

That doesn’t just mean training your puppy to stop jumping on your five-year old.

It also means giving you that time to comfort your child with a cold instead of training your dog.  We are fine rescheduling a week later – or whenever everyone in the family is healthy again.

So, why choose A+ Dog Training?  Because we treat your family like our family and understand that life happens!  And, you shouldn’t have to lose out on money with a dog training company because of it!

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