What is your training style?  Do you believe in pinch collars, clicker training, and eCollars?

Our methods of training vary on dogs according to their personalities and what they need.  Some dogs learn quickly with treats while others would do anything for their toy.  We can train you and your dog using the clicker, but like all rewards, our goal would be to eventually wean them off of treats, clickers, and the like.  A long term goal would be to see you only use commands with your voice and hand signals – in case the environment called for it.

Just like the clicker and treats, the use of other tools like choke and pinch collars all vary on the needs of the dog.  There are lots of tools available for use and as professional trainers, it is our duty to find what works for your dog and for you.  Tom is great at thinking outside of the box and sometimes the simplest things (like weighting the garbage can so a dog can’t knock it down anymore) is all that one needs.  We love challenges so please let me know what we can do for you!

I have an 8 week old puppy.  When should I start training?

The earlier you start training, the better.  A puppy’s first year of their life is when they will learn the most.  Puppies need to learn their boundaries and the rules to your house.  Potty training begins the day you bring your dog home.

A+ Dog Training offers puppy social classes that give dogs the ability to learn from each other while still going through their vaccination period.  This is a crucial time for puppies to learn manners with other dogs.

Private training sessions usually last an hour long.  A+ Dog Training understands the attention span and focus that puppies are still developing.  This is why we are flexible in breaking down one hour trainings to 30 minute trainings until the puppy gets older.

Should I do private trainings or classes with my dog?

I think every dog and dog owner will benefit from doing at least one group class.  But sometimes dogs just aren’t ready for the many distractions that come with it, or the less one-on-one time you get in a group class.  You know what’s best for your dog and A+ Dog Training is here to help.  If you feel torn between private or group classes, call us for a consultation.  The consultation is always free.  We observe your dog in their own environment and can help you make the best decision we feel your dog is ready for.  So call us today for a FREE consultation!

Why are your consultations free while others are charging $60-$100 for it?

Our mission is to create peace in your home.  Every dog and dog owner has their own personality.  Although there are the usual problematic behaviors dogs have, no trainer can fully assess the extent of training that your dog needs over the phone or via email.  We want to get to know you and your dog before you make a commitment to us.

In a like matter, we want you to meet us, trust us, and bond with your dog.  We want you to get to know us before you make any financial investments in training.

A+ Dog Training is all about building relationships and helping families.  There is no question as to why a consultation shouldn’t be free!

Do you offer a guarantee that the training will work?

A+ Dog Training guarantees that we will do everything possible to help improve you and your dog’s relationship.  We are committed to bringing peace in the home!

But it doesn’t stop there!  The training only works if you do your homework and train your dog outside of sessions/classes.  A+ Dog Training answers your questions and provides you with the tools to work with your dog.  It is your responsibility to be patient and consistent.

What do I need to bring with me to class?

For the first class you should bring proof of current shots and vaccinations, proof of rabies vaccinations, and dog license tags.  You should also bring cash or check to A+ Dog Training if you have not already registered for the class.

For every class, you should bring bags for poop, treats, and a non-retractable leash.

We will inform you of anything extra to bring a week in advance (e.g. something your dog loves to steal, a 30 ft. long leash for Intermediate work, etc.).  We will always provide bowls of water for your dog.  You might want to bring a water for yourself.


 Can we find you on any other sites?

Yes, you can find us on Thumbtack!

We are also on Linked In under Thomas Lee, Dog Trainer.

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