Expensive Dog Bill!!!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we would like to warn any dog owners of a very expensive weed that comes out during the Spring and Summer time.  This weed is known as the Foxtail.  Anyone that lives around fields or out in the country would know what we are talking about.

Vets around the valley have told us that they get 3-4 cases a day dealing with the pesky foxtail.  The foxtail can be ingested or burrowed on the dogs fur (either way can be very painful for the dog and very painful for the owners pocketbook).

We suggest you keep your pets away from the foxtail as much as possible.  After a walk, check your dogs fur for the foxtails by rubbing your hands on your dogs body.

Foxtails can be very deadly in the Turlock and Modesto Valley.  This part of the foxtail shown in the picture was ingested by a dog.  It was a very expensive process for the Vets to find the foxtail inside the dog.  Please do not let this happen to your pet this Spring or Summer.

Foxtail 2

One thought on “Expensive Dog Bill!!!”

  1. It is one year on since our German Shepherd inhaled the above foxtail…she had 3 of her lung lobes removed then, the foxtail was not found! November 2015 a drain hole appeared in her chest and this time the surgery located the above pictured foxtail. As I write this now, she is back in the vets awaiting further surgery for osteomyelitis form that ‘little weed seed’!
    So please please, do be careful with your dogs in foxtail territory

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