Dog’s Job: Retrieve Mail

Dog’s Job:  Retrieve Mail

When working with your puppy throughout the day, even a short walk to the mailbox can be prime time for training.

  1. Have your dog Sit Stay before walking out the door.  This ensures she is calm and won’t bolt out.  Keep repeating if she gets up.
  2. Keep commanding your dog to Heel or Focus on you as you walk her to the mailbox.  Make sure that you keep her on a short leash so that she doesn’t roam freely to the end and might trip you.  Her job is to walk from Point A to Point B next to you.  Dogs love jobs.
  3. Have your dog Sit Stay as you open your mail box and get your mail.  Again, their attention span might not be long enough but keep at it.  You can do it!
  4. Follow Step 2 when walking back to the house.
  5. Have your dog Sit Stay one more time as you open the door to practice not bolting through doors and patience.

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