Dog Walking Service Available

Another academic year is quickly approaching.  Lucifer, the German Shepherd, would like to remind you that A+ Dog Training has a special Dog Walking Service for only $15 per 20-30 minute walk.

For the teachers that are preparing their classrooms and curriculum, please prepare for the change in season and who will let your dog out to go potty while you are gone from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM.  Consider A+ Dog Training to stop by your house and take your dog on a walk and potty break.

Yes, you could find a random person in the ads to walk your dog (along with four other dogs) for a cheaper price.  But you could trust that A+ Dog Training will give your dog the attention they deserve and keep the training that you’ve been working on intact.  We know that there is a proper way to walk a dog and even if your dog has never been trained, they will develop these proper habits with A+ Dog Training.

For more information, please set up a free consultation today! 209-985-7898.

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