COVID-19 Update as of 07/02/2020

COVID-19 Update as of 07/02/2020

With an overabundance of caution, deliberation, and prayer, you will find A+ Dog Training’s Update as of July 2, 2020 below:

A+ Dog Training self-screens daily and clients are asked to self-screen for health and temperature prior to training sessions or consultation.  A+ Dog Training wears a mask when client requests it.  Clients are not required to wear a mask.  Masks are to be worn when attending a training session with A+ Dog Training at a location where masks are required for entry (e.g. pet friendly stores).  We use our own leash/etc. when needed to slow the spread and decrease sharing/handling of training tools.


  • We are conducting training as usual.


  • There are two Elementary Classes in July. By August we will have caught up with all of the Kindergarten & Elementary classes that were postponed due to COVID-19.
  • We are planning to make up May’s Junior High Class (9 dogs) on August 12th, so long as nothing changes with the State or County. This class will be held outdoors at a park instead of Pet Supplies Plus.
  • The expiration date for classes has been extended for one more year for all clients due to COVID-19. (The year 2020 doesn’t count!  LOL)

o Social distancing & mass gatherings are primary concerns for us as dog owners also bring their children and spouses to the class for their one dog.  Multiply that by 18 and you can see how that can become a problem.  We have made it a rule that children are to stay with their household units during class.  They are discouraged from playing at the City Park’s structure during class as the City of Turlock’s playgrounds are still closed.

o Please keep in mind that dogs do not understand human social distancing protocol and our distances tend to fluidly move during class.  Safety has always been our primary concern.


  • Our Free Consultation Blocks for the first week in August will be posted on our Events Page & website soon.
  • There are 27 potential clients on our Waiting List. We are continuing to accept inquiries and are putting any potential clients on our Waiting List. Consultation Blocks are limited to the first week of every month.  As always, we cater to our current private training clients and their schedule.  We will begin scheduling August’s Consultation Blocks on .


Our Dog Walking service is currently available.  Please contact us for more details.


All Pack Walks have been cancelled until CA deems it safe to host mass gatherings.  We are using our Saturdays to catch up on our private training clients.  This means that our Saturday mornings are now prioritized for private training sessions.  We will post once we are able to begin our Pack Walks again.  Thank you for your patience and we encourage you to continue walking your dog around CSUS’ beautiful campus.  Please pick up after your dog’s always and maintain a safe distance around others not in your household.


So long as the Social Distance order is in place, we cannot hold our monthly Puppy Socials.  We will post once we are able to begin our Puppy Socials again.  We encourage you to take your puppy out to various public locations.  Even while being leashed and maintaining a safe distance away from others, this is considered puppy socialization.  Please do not take your puppy out in public until they have completed all their vaccinations and your veterinarian says that it is safe to do so.


Should you have further questions, please call or text us at 209-985-7898.  Email us at [email protected] We know that communication is the key to our business, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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