Celebrating Veteran’s Day with Your Dog

The City of Turlock encouraged residents, businesses, and civic organizations to display the American flag.  Their goal was to have 1,000 flags displayed by Veteran’s Day.

Since Veteran’s Day is upon us, A+ Dog Training encourages you to take your dog out for a walk with your children in your neighborhood and count how many flags you see.  This will be both fun and educational for your kids, and…well…Fido gets to walk with their family!

For those of you (like us) without children, this walk just gives you more of an opportunity to bond with your dog.  Every time you see a flag, have your dog Sit, Stay, then give your release command to keep walking.  If you see someone outside near their flag, have your dog Down, Stay, then give your release command to keep walking.

Remember, walking is an important part of your and your dog’s health and well-being, so why not make it fun?!

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