Pack Walk Tomorrow

Our Free Community Pack Walk is tomorrow, Saturday, July 16, 2016 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.  We meet at the corner of Monte Vista Ave. and Crowell Road  at CSU, Stanislaus. Please bring bags for waste, a NON-retractable leash, and the entire family!  Come and go as you please. Also tomorrow is our Puppy Social

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Celebrating Obedience & Independence Weekend


Holly and her family completed A+ Dog Training’s Elementary class and is ready to use their training over the Fourth of July Weekend. Remember, walk your dog before they start to show signs of anxiety due to the fireworks.  Use obedience to distract them from the noises and around people you are celebrating with.  Don’t

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What Drives Your Dog to Train Well?

Felix and His Rope A positive reinforcement does not always mean to feed your dog a lot of treats.  Some dogs are ball driven, toy driven, or praise driven.  Some dogs would even be happy just feeling you pat them on the back. Click on the video link entitled Felix and His Rope to see

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Dogs and Children Can Live Peacefully

Bell working with hyperness around children I have been reading a few recent articles about dogs attacking children.  Our programs are designed to train your dog to live peacefully with babies.  Yes, dogs are animals and accidents can occur.  However, A+ Dog Training is there to show dog owners how to prevent unwanted situations and

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 We received a text message that shows Bell inside the house on her pillow for the past 20 minutes. She is staying and her owner is enjoying her company. It is the consistent effort that Bell’s owner puts in which creates a habit for Bell.  With consistency in training, your dog can be just as calm

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When Obedience Classes Don’t Cut It


Obedience classes are great for socialization and obedience, but what do you do when you have a dog that is afraid of something?  How can you help your dog overcome their fear and live a stress free and peaceful life?  Call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898. We’ve helped owners show their dog how to overcome

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Dog + Cat = A Happy Human Home

Our programs are designed for your goals and for you to have peace in your home.  Shane and Sophie are learning how to live together respectfully. If you are from the greater Turlock area and would like to train your dog on specific goals with a little help from a professional, call us for a

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Start Your Training On the Right Paw


A+ Dog Training would like to remind you that a puppy doesn’t understand human etiquette when they first join your home.  Be consistent and patient when setting the rules and boundaries.  How you teach your puppy over the next few weeks will make things easier – or harder – for the rest of their life.

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Father’s Day, BBQ, and Hungry Dogs


Dot from Turlock would like to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day. If you’re having a family barbecue this weekend, please keep in mind your dog’s training.  Have your dog lay down and stay beside you as you eat or put them on their bed or place.  Remind your guests not to feed them

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Prepare for a Dog Emergency


This is a reminder to replenish your Pet Emergency Kit. We replace our dog’s three days worth of food, water, and medicine whenever he gets a new bag in the kitchen.  Whenever his vaccines or license is renewed, we ask our veterinarian for two extra copies of his updated record (one for the travel crate

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Leave Your Dog at Home


Although today was a cooler day with a slight breeze throughout Modesto and Turlock, I still left my dog at home.  Even though I can take him to most of my errands and not leave him in the car, the thought of hot asphalt or sidewalks come to mind – not to mention how much

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June’s Pack Walk was a Success


There were 22 dogs that attended June’s Pack Walk.  It was our first hot pack walk of the season.  We took a shorter route, lasting 1.57 miles in 44 minutes.  There was a fun run (5k & 10k) event that was going on and Tom was helping owners train their dogs to be walking near

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Pack Walk is on Today!!!!!!!!!


The Free Pack Walk is on today at 9am-10am.  We will meet at the corner of Crowell and Monte Vista.  The weather should be between 79-84 degrees during the hour walk.  Make sure to bring comfortable clothes since it will still be warm out.  Please no retractable leashes and bring poop bags for your dog.

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