Chief Trains at Lowe’s


Check out how happy Chief is as he works on dog obedience training and manners out in public.  Lowe’s in Turlock, CA is a great place to train your dog.  It’s a good thing Chief has learned not to jump up on couches or his owner might have had to buy a new patio set!

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Spring Into Action


As Ammo lounges on our outdoor furniture, he’d like you to answer a couple of questions honestly: How does your backyard look after you’ve prepped it for spring and your puppy’s been playing in it? How did your dog act towards guests and family during this Easter weekend? If you answered with any of the

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Natural Nalla


Meet Nalla, a Doberman Pinscher on our Calm Canine program for dog obedience training and a few behavior goals.  Nalla discovered A+ Dog Training from our Puppy Social held at Taylor ER Veterinary in Turlock, CA.  Welcome to our pack family, Nalla!

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Hunter is Home


Meet Hunter, a Labrador mix with a new fur-ever home on 3 ¼ acres of property!  Hunter will be working on dog obedience training and getting familiar with the boundaries of his new home.  His owners found out about A+ Dog Training from their groomer.  Have you shared your training experiences with your groomer and

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Sweet Sadie


Meet Sadie, a Wheaten Terrier mixed with German Shepherd.  Sadie is a part of our exclusive A+ Lifetime program where she will receive all of the dog obedience training her heart desires!  She also will be receiving pool safety training and address her issues of uncertainty and fear.  A+ Dog Training would like to thank

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Jolly Jack


Meet Jack, a Border Collie mixed with Boxer breed on our most popular Calm Canine program.  Jack’s owners found out about A+ Dog Training through Taylor ER Veterinary and added our Puppy Exclusive package to get a little more support on unwanted puppy behaviors and more dog obedience training.  Welcome to our pack family, Jack!

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Jazzy Jerzy


Meet Jerzy, a Miniature Australian Shepherd working on dog obedience training with our Delightful program.  Jerzy has a sister who’s been an A+ Lifetime Member since 2014!  Welcome to our pack family, Jerzy!

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Smoke Alarms & Dog Training?


The fire department is always reminding us to test all smoke alarms every time we “spring forward” and “fall back” for Daylight Savings Time.  A+ Dog Training would like to encourage you to also take this opportunity to go through your fire drill plans with your entire family, including you dog! The Lee Family Fire

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Follow Barley


Follow Barley on A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page as we show glimpses of his obedience training.  We also corrected some unwanted behaviors during his board & train with us.  I’ll be posting about Barley throughout the next couple of weeks.

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Itty Bitty Barley


Meet Barley, a Bernese Mountain Dog from Oakdale, CA working on dog obedience training and a few behavior issues.  Barley can find the coolest spots in any house and claim his space.  He’s A+ Dog Training’s first Board & Train participant to kick start his A+ Lifetime program.  We welcome Barley to our home and

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Cheerful Charlie


Meet Charlie, the rescued German Shepherd from Turlock, CA.  Charlie’s goal is to be less anxious around other dogs and with our most popular Calm Canine program, Charlie will be able to accomplish his goals in no time.  Welcome to our pack family, Charlie!

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What’s Around the Corner?


What is Roxy looking at?  Could it be a rainbow?  A leprechaun?  A pot of gold? St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and Turlock’s Salvation Army will be holding their annual Kettle Dash in the morning.  But don’t leave your dog behind!  Bring your dog and join the Doggy Dash – a one

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Hello, June Bug!


Meet June, a golden retriever from Waterford, CA.  June has goals for removing unwanted behaviors and with A+ Dog Training’s Calm Canine program, she’ll be achieving those goals along with some basic dog obedience training.  Welcome to our pack family, June!

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Rockin’ Rocky


Meet Rocky, an A+ Lifetime member from Turlock whose goal is to become a therapy dog.  A+ Dog Training is excited to give dog obedience training to this pup for his entire life.  Welcome to our pack family, Rocky!

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It’s All About the Puppies Today


This week are some good times with A+ Dog Training and Taylor ER Veterinary in Turlock, CA. Kindergarten starts this today.  Because of the high demand, there are two classes – 6:00 P.M. for large puppies and 7:15 P.M.  for little puppies.  This is a five week class where dogs under the age of two

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Rockin’ Roxy


Meet Roxy a German Shepherd training on our most popular Calm Canine and Puppy Exclusive programs.  Roxy is from Modesto and one of her goals is to have better confidence in public.  Because A+ Dog Training’s Calm Canine program includes dog obedience classes in Turlock, Roxy is ready to get started and rock!  Welcome to

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