Family Dog Training


Tristan was at July’s Pool Social and loved it.  He enjoyed it so much that he brought his Uncle Cooper to the August Pool Social!  Nothing makes us more happy and proud than when your family dogs join in with A+ Dog Training.  How can we be of service to your dog and your relatives’

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Cool Cali


Meet Cali, a Burmese Mountain Dog training on recall.  Cali is on our most popular Calm Canine program which is fitting as one of her goals is to be calmer and greeting others in a calm manner.  Welcome to our pack family, Cali!

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Pretty Paisley


Meet Paisley, an Aussidoodle training on being alone outdoors. It might seem common sense to us about the rules of the house, but A+ Dog Training is here to help Paisley understand her boundaries so that there’s respect and peace with all family members. Paisley is one of our VIP (very important pup) A+ Lifetime

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Talk About A+ Dog Training


“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”  Scott Cook. Have you shared a funny or successful experience you’ve had with your dog and A+ Dog Training to someone?  The best gift you could give us is by talking about us!

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