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Ruff Ryder

Meet Ryder, a Labrador from Patterson, CA.  Ryder’s goals have more to do with eliminating unwanted behaviors than dog obedience training.  Don’t worry, Ryder, you’re in good hands with A+ Dog Training.  Welcome to our pack family, Ryder!

Jumpy Jorge

Meet Jorge, a Mini Aussie puppy on A+ Dog Training’s most popular Calm Canine program.  Jorge also is on our Board & Train kick start.  GiGi and Tom worked on basic dog obedience training and redirecting his unwanted puppy behaviors into a more well-managed pup.  Be on the lookout for his album and videos on our Facebook page soon.  Welcome to our pack family, Jorge!  We miss you boarding at our house!

Pawsome Pepper

Meet Pepper, our newest German Shepherd that joined A+ Dog Training for obedience and behavior.  Pepper’s family received two free hours of dog obedience training with us back in 2013 with their other dog Shadow.  And now that they have Pepper, they’re ready to accomplish some major goals as an A+ Lifetime Member!  Welcome to our pack family, Pepper!