A Win-Win-Win-Win Dog Training Program

Whether you are a part of our exclusive A+ Lifetime community or sign up for our Delightful program, A+ Dog Training donates $12 of your payment to Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc. They provide care packages to military working dogs and their handlers which is something both Tom & GiGi love supporting. Please visit their website if you’d like to contribute more.

A+ Dog Training also buys Tango Yankee Chip to give to each of our clients as they sign up for a private training program. Tango Yankee is radio speak for Thank You and is our way of showing our appreciation for our company and for your donation to MWDTSA. We purchase these specific coins because the money we spend on them goes towards helping veterans suffering from PTSD with suicidal tendencies.

When looking for the right trainer for your dog, get to know the trainers – what they believe in, their integrity, and work ethics. This is why A+ Dog Training offers a FREE consultation. We want you to get to know us first before making a commitment to bringing us into your home for several weeks/months of training, not just take your money.

By signing up on one of A+ Dog Training’s private training programs, it becomes a win-win-win-win situation!

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