Field of Ice

Have you been making memories with your dog this Christmas season?  A+ Dog Training takes our Labrador everywhere and Roi, the French Bulldog, is lucky enough to be with us for a Board & Train during this season.  You can view more pictures on our Facebook Page.

The weather is cold, the Christmas rush is over, and some of our private training clients are ready to squeeze in one more session before the New Year.

Call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898 to set up a free consultation and see how we can start 2019 off to a great start and possible goals to achieve with your dog!

Guess How Old Ammo is Today!

Ammo is an English Labrador with a curious personality. Every package delivered must be sniffed out by Ammo. He loves rules – following rules and barking at dogs that aren’t following rules. He loves his morning and night routines, giving his “paw” to Nana, and going for long walks. Oh, and he always prays before eating meals.
He won’t touch his food until someone says, “Amen.”
Ammo began as the family pet, teaching Tom & GiGi how to communicate through their differences on what would be best for everyone in the family when owning a puppy.
As he got older and learned his manners, he fell into the position of Mascot at A+ Dog Training. Once GiGi stopped teaching and joined the business full-time, Ammo got promoted to Company Ambassador.
Sometimes we’ll take him on a walk in Turlock and someone will stop and ask, “Is that Ammo?” even if none of the humans had ever met!
As of 2018, Ammo has welcomed various dogs into his house and helped show them how to behave in a home and how act when around humans.
Other duties as Ambassador at A+ Dog Training involve leading monthly Community Pack Walks, bringing in crowds at car shows and various pet or community events, and visiting the elderly. He attends private training sessions when needed and sleeps in his bed during consultations.
It is our privilege to acknowledge Ammo’s important role at A+ Dog Training and as his owners we couldn’t be prouder to be his parents. Happy 8th Birthday, Ammo! May you have many more birthdays to come!